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Capricorn Municipal Development Guidelines

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- Design Specifications -
Design Specification Design Specification Link Last Amendment Amendment Description
D1 D1 - Road Design Issue No. 9 - Jul 2018 Removal of driveway sections
D2 D2 - Pavement Design Issue No. 3 - Sept 2014 Asphalt thickness amended in D2 Pavement Design Specification
D3 D3 - Bridges Issue No. 2 - Mar 2012 Austroads reference amended
D4 D4 - Subsurface Drainage Issue No. 2 - Mar 2012 Use of strip drain as well as slotted pipe permitted
D5 D5 - Stormwater Design Issue No. 4 - Jan 2017 IRC requirements added
D6 D6 - Site Regrading Issue No. 2 - Mar 2012 Formatting changes
D7 D7 - Erosion Control and Stormwater Management Issue No. 2 - Mar 2012 Reference to level spreaders removed
D9 D9 - Cycleway and Pathway Design Issue No. 2 - Mar 2012 Austroads reference amended
Minimum pathway width amended from 1.0 m to 1.2m, and for dual use pathways from 2.0m to 2.5m in Table D9.05.01
Horizontal clearances amended in Table D9.05.01
D11 D11 - Water Reticulation Rev J - Dec 2018 MRC kerb painting for hydrants updated
D12 D12 - Sewerage Reticulation Rev K - Oct 2018 D12 Changes
D13 D13 - Small Dams   To be finalised
D14 D14 - Floodways   To be finalised
D15 D15 - Driveways Issue No. 2 - Jun 218 New document

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