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Industry Consultation
This page is devoted to the Response from the Capricorn Municipal Development Guideline's Industry Consultation.
2017/2018 Document Review
It is proposed that industry will be notified by email of any website changes. please contact us if you wish to receive such notifications. 

A full review of CMDG Documentation is currently underway. It is the intention of the CMDG Steering Committee that the proposed changes are to be communicated to Industry to seek feedback for consideration before implementation of said changes. An intial round of documentation is anticipated to be emailed to local industry contacts in February 2018.
Industry Feedback

If there are any issues that have not been addressed in the meeting minutes, please feel free to fill out the form below and forward it to us, or mail it to the address stated on the form.

Issue Feedback Form -
Recommended Changes to a Draft of Capricorn Municipal Development Guidelines Document
Sewer Easement Legal Advice

This advice is from Ipswich and gives the reasoning behind easements being applied to sewer lines in the new CMDG.
Document Description Link
Ipswich Legal Advice for the application of easements over sewers 070628 Ipswich legal advice Feb 06
Ergon Energy - Underground Urban Residential Developments, Subdivision Developers Handbook

The subdivision developers handbook steps out the procedures which can be taken in supplying electrical reticulation to a residential development. it covers the developer design and construct procedure which only a brief coverage of Ergon design and construct. The Construction Procedure CP1 clause CP1.27 BONDING OF UNCOMPLETED WORKS with the Ergon timeline of tasks and procedures corresponding to the steps in this handbook.

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