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Capricorn Municipal Development Guidelines

Drawings & Specifications

- Construction Specifications -
Construction Specification Construction Specification Last Amendment Current Amendment
C201 Control of Traffic Rev 3 July 2018 Use of Warning Lamps has been excluded
C202 Rural Road Clear Zones Rev 3 July 2018 Basic layout changes

Limits of clearing reference changed to reference AUSTROADS Guide to Road Design
C211 Control of Erosion and Sedimentation Rev 2 July 2018 Minor layout changes
C212 Clearing and Grubbing Rev 3 July 2018 Minor layout changes
C213 Earthworks Rev 2 July 2018 C213.30.02 Compaction and moisture requirements are amended as follows:
The following areas shall be compacted to provide a relative compaction, determined by AS 1289 for standard compaction effort and proof rolling, of no less than 98% for up to 300 mm from subgrade level and 95% for the remainder.

Minor layout changes
C220 Stormwater Drainage Rev 3 July 2018 Section on Construction and Preparation for Stormwater Drainage Construction added

Minor layout changes
C221 Pipe Drainage Specification 11/2007
(Issue No.1 - Oct 2007)
C222 Precast Box Culverts Rev 3 July 2018 Minor layout changes
C223 Drainage Structures Rev 3 July 2018 Minor layour changes
C224 Open Drains 11/2007
(Issue No.1 - Oct 2007)
C230 Subsurface Drainage Rev 3 July 2018 Clauses in Excavation regarding Approval by Public Utility, Blasting Operation, Excavation Level, Unsuitable Material, and Spoil were deleted.

Section for No Fines Concrete & Geotextile installation added

Clauses added to Backfilling section

Additional specification requirements to MATERIALS for Concrete added

Table and clause added to Filler Material Section

Additional specification requirements added to MATERIALS for No Fines Concrete (Aggregate properties and particle size distribution)

Use of thin walled corrugated plastic pipe is no longer supported. Strip filter drains or slotted PVC pipe must be used.
C231 Subsoil and Foundation Drains Rev 3 July 2018 Minor layout changes

Use of thin walled corrugated plastic pipe is no longer supported. Strip filter drains or slotted PVC pipe must be used.
C232 Pavement Drains Rev 2 July 2018 Intra Pavement Drains section deleted

Pavement Drains section added
C233 Drainage Mats Rev 2 July 2018 New Document
C241 Stabilisation 11/2007
(Issue No.1 - Oct 2007)
C242 Flexible Pavements 11/2007
(Issue No.1 - Oct 2007)
C244 Sprayed Bituminous Surfacing 11/2007
(Issue No.1 - Oct 2007)
C245 Asphalt Concrete Surfacing (Issue No.2 - Jun 2013)  
C254 Segmental Paving 11/2007
(Issue No.1 - Oct 2007)
Not used 
C261 Pavement Markings Rev 2 July 2018 Clause under REMOVAL OF PAVEMENT MARKINGS regarding Marking Removal - Chip Seal added:
The Contractor shall remove pavement markings, no longer required, from the wearing surface of pavements by resurfacing with 7mm stone or other approved method without significant damage to the surface.  The resurfacing area shall be undertaken as a rectangular shape to include the painted surface plus 100mm clearance/overlap.

Marking Tolerances table added

Ambient Conditions clause added to Application of Paint and Beads
C262 Signposting Rev 2 July 2018 Clause added to Non-Reflective Background Material regarding Colours added

Clause added to Retro-Reflective Material for Background and Legend (Brand names no longer mentioned):
Retro-reflective materials will be as per MRTS14 from the Department of Transport and Main Roads.

New section of Sign Structure Warranty added to specify for warranty for different sign face material.
C263 Guide Posts 11/2007
(Issue No.1 - Oct 2007)
C264 Guard Fencing 11/2007
(Issue No.1 - Oct 2007)
C265 Boundary Fencing Rev 2 July 2018 Minor layout changes
C271 Minor Concrete Works Rev 2 July 2018 Minor layout changes
C273 Landscaping (Issue No.3 - Jan 2017)  
C401 Water Reticulation (Feb 2015)  
C402 Sewer Reticulation (Feb 2015)  
C501 Bushfire Protection Rev 3 July 2018 Requirement for roadline to be ripped has been deleted

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